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The Afflicted Girls...What caused the
strange behavior of the young girls of Salem
Village in 1692.

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Welcome to the first issue of the Witch House Quarterly.  We are happy to
share with you the fascinating history of our remarkable house.  The Witch
House is also known as the Jonathan Corwin House.  It is the only remaining
structure in Salem that can be visited that holds any direct ties to the
Witchcraft Trials of 1692.  Jonathan was a judge on the witchcraft court of
Oyer and Terminer and the house itself was witness to one of the most tragic
and enduring episodes in American History.  We will explore the many subjects
relative to the period, the family the colony and Salem Town itself, both then
and now.
                                    The Afflicted Girls...

What truly was the cause of the girls strange behavior in 1692?

We see thousands of visitor a year here at  the Witch House.  Without a doubt
the question that we are asked most often is how did the witch trials begin?  
What caused the girls strange behavior?  What caused their fits and paralysis?  
Most come with vague ideas and curiosities ranging from epilepsy to ergot

Most modern witch trial scholars dispute these explanations.  Truth is that the
answer to the question may be slightly different for each girl.  But let us begin
with little 9 year old Elizabeth Parris. And to help us understand her story a bit
better, we are going to call upon some of the most ground breaking brain
mapping technology and research available.  (Read more here...)
                                                                                                                 Volume no. 1  Issue No.1  Winter  2014
                                                                                                                                                             Salem, Ma.
              Witch House Quarterly