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The Witch House has put together a miniature scavenger hunt to help celebrate Salem Women’s History Day
2017. Visit these 5 sites below and find the answers to the questions presented!  For more information  we
encourage you to spend time at salemwomenshistory.com.  There is a wonderful book available written by
Bonnie Hurd-Smith, as well as biographies on these amazing women.

1. The famous "Peabody Sisters of Salem," Elizabeth, Mary, and Sophia  grew up in this location. As
publishers, educational pioneers, artists and lecturers these women would have a profound influence on the
education of women for years to come.
                                105 Essex Street. What business is there now?

2. Caroline Emmerton’s philanthropic efforts helped preserve the House of the Seven Gables as a cultural
resource as well as the Settlement House which supplied aid to many immigrant families.  She came from a
family of philanthropic contributors to the community. Her grandfather’s home was donated for the betterment
of the city and still stands today.
                        370 Essex Street. What does her grandfather’s mansion house now?

3. Sarah Parker Remond, the great abolitionist speaker, is purported to have utilized the smuggling tunnels that
led out of her father's catering business in Hamilton Hall to support the Underground Railroad.
                             9 Chestnut Street. When was Hamilton Hall constructed?

4. Sarah Symonds, this famous sculptor and artist had her first studio in the old John Ward House.
                        9 Brown Street. Who owns this 17th century house now?

5. Bostonian Lucy Stone spoke in Salem at Lyceum Hall against racism, inequality and on behalf of women’s
                      43 Church Street. What business inhabits this building now?